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The Great FREEset

The Great FREEset

The butterfly of the 21st century is emerging from its bloated, pupated 20th century corpse, the disparity between rich and poor grows wider, and the nature of truth has been obliterated by critical theory and its overwhelming subjectivity, so I decided to start a new website!

The pandemic revealed many things to me- the relevance of Plato's cave and people's willingness for authoritative rule through fear, the nihilism of our fiat monetary system, and the importance of meat space community over social media.

I'm hoping to use this site as a platform for my thoughts on these topics through a self-sovereign way, which I is why I picked Ghost, as opposed to using Facebook or Instagram, who is monitoring and flagging all of my activity if they so choose or are compelled by the state. Bitcoin Twitter is still the shit.

I try to be funny and sometimes it might not hit the mark, so I should be flagged for hate speech? I don't believe in hate speech anyway, or hate crime... It all seems like a slippery slope to thoughtcrime.

I've been in LA for most of the lockdown and despite it being one of the most Blue-Anon, Hollywood corporate elite, haughty insecure conformist paradises in America, I found hope for the future in comedy and bitcoin. Both are agents of the search for truth, both hold mirrors to our faces to expose reality, and both are life rafts in a spiritual and material tsunami that is rapidly approaching critical mass.

I'm a product of neglect, abandonment, the wickedness of the city, and being neither Korean nor American.

I got third place in the National Qualifying Spelling Bee when I was in eighth grade because I misspelled "cynicism." Despite all of that, I'm an eternal optimist. For the longest time, I found nothing in the real world that felt authentic in providing hope for the future. Despite my love of performing standup, I could not find any fellow comics that I liked, until The Litter Box.

The Litter Box is an ad-hoc club that formed organically by a like-minded group of comics in Los Angeles that didn't want to perform outdoors for the terrified masked, also the homeless people were usually far more entertaining and terrifying than we were. The Litter Box is most likely labeled as a Nazi, alt-right, hate speech inclusive, white supremacist, systemically racist fascist enclave, but it's really a place for free expression for laughs. Something I had not found in ten years of doing comedy.

Bitcoin similarly was something that I had been curious about since 2013, but never did the deep dive. All money was tinged emotionally by growing up with a money obsessed dad I never saw. It wasn't until the pandemic that I started asking "what is money" and began learning. I learned about the Forex, futures, stock, and crypto markets, just to understand the idea of the free market as the most accurate pricing mechanism humanity has, as well as real time indicator of mass psychology. I was also listening to books by Rothbard, Hermann-Hoppe, and Ron Paul about the state and money, and one day, it clicked. Our central bank monetary policy is based on abstraction in order to print it infinitely, and historically this occurs when empires need to fund an expanding perpetual war state, while trying to keep their citizens happy with bread and circuses. In other words, trying to have guns and butter. This always leads to collapse.

When I began to understand Bitcoin, all of these things clicked together. I still am a neophyte, much like a white belt in jiujitsu who has been practicing for a year. I know enough to know how much I don't know. That has always been something that rang true from taking Philosophy in high school, like Socrates said- I know that I know nothing.

Comedy and Bitcoin are now beacons for hope and purpose for me. I don't care about Hollywood, getting into a writers room, doing commercials, getting an agent, or any of the traditional means of "making it" in comedy. I do it because I'm a sick person. I do it because society is sick and laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is also the best weapon in a spiritual war.

Bitcoin is the next potential base layer for a new monetary system. I don't care about being rich, having Lambos, conspicuous consumption or any of those other bullshit metrics of success in the decaying body of the fiat world.

The next step of adoption I see coming is bringing Bitcoin to comedy in order to provide creative and financial freedom to comics and clubs by no longer being beholden to centralized entities like Patreon, Youtube, TikTok, etc. These people own you, whether you know it or not, and you should at least have the dignity of making them work for it instead of just giving it up like the town slut. I'd rather be my own slut, thank you very much.