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Segregation 2: Pandemic Boogaloo

Fuck your body, and your choice.
Fuck your body, and your choice.

The world is a forgiving place, especially about vaccine hesitancy. Look at how our own beloved Presidential twosome used to feel!

So back when Trump was President and rushing the vaccines with Operation Warp Speed, they were experimental and possibly Nazi poison. But now that they're in office, the exact same vaccines are not only fine, but should be MANDATED and forced onto not just the vulnerable, but the entire public, even those with prior immunity or with negligible risk. Luckily, if the vaccines end up doing more harm than good, we can flip-flop back to blaming Trump for the whole thing, having known full well that it was Nazi poison all along!

"I WAS JUST BULLSHITTIN! And you know this, man."

Before the 2020 lockdowns, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, was encouraging people to go to Chinatown in February.

And now he's instituting vaccine apartheid.

A fellow comic in NY said it best-

Of course, when one city goes totalitarian, the other cities get jealous.

Masks are for the help.
Masks are for the help.

So what's going on? Obviously, safety is a concern for people, but at what cost?

It seems that the post-9/11 TSA security theater of taking off our shoes and letting an image of our naked bodies be scanned when taking a flight has primed us into being susceptible to our present hygiene theater, and the subsequent division of the population into clean and unclean.

Wait come on, Nazis? You mean the powerful spectral force that got Trump into office, but wasn't powerful enough to keep him in, and is saturated in everything through systemic white supremacy, except when the side making the accusation does the exact same thing? Are you sure it's not just a word people use for those they don't agree with it?

Maybe there's some sort of code or law that we put in place to prevent something as extreme as Nazi stuff happening again.


Ok, well we seem to be violating every one of these. But we're the good guys, right? How could anything like this happen? We all know that things that happen in the past, never happen again, right?

Things don't happen again, that's ridiculous.

Ok, there is a disease going around. It seemed to be no big deal at first, then the same people that said that, then said this is the most dangerous thing ever. Somehow every aspect of a public health crisis has been politicized, to the point where it doesn't matter if our public figures make contradictory statements and are total hypocrites. Whatever your side says, is the new reality, never mind the old one.

This thread is an empathy test. You will either consider things from his point of view, or say he is a conscience-less monster.

The fact of the matter remains, this is a disease that disproportionately affects the old, sick, and fat. Look at this mortality chart. The long-ass top line shows that the vast majority of the deaths were over the age of 85, which is older than the average age of natural death!

Beyond the old, another group of people disproportionately affected are the fat. America has had a fatty problem for quite some time, and the fact that the dominant narrative is that masking and vaccines are seen as the proper way of resisting COVID, as opposed to changing one's lifestyle to quit being such a fatty is very telling. Masks are a low-effort symbolic gesture, you can wear one and feel like you're doing something good, while really it's those pastries you keep shoving in your covered pie-hole that's contributing to the viral load of your community.

If obesity is a major risk factor, and the purpose of vaccine mandates would be to inoculate the healthy to protect the vulnerable, then why isn't weight loss mandatory as well?

Frankly, it's bad for business. It costs nothing to lose weight. It costs nothing to exercise, eat right, and improve your immune system. Which is why it's obvious that your health is really not the priority.

Mmm... I'll take the Trump vaccine, but I won't stop eating Krispy Kreme.

The lockdowns were great for food delivery, alcohol and other drugs, packaged foods, but not so great for gyms. And now American cities are looking to mandate an experimental vaccine for the healthiest, least vulnerable people, instead of mandating that the unhealthy vulnerable ones lower their BMIs.

He's Canadian, so when he says, "Sorry, the vaccine isn't as effective as we thought it was gonna be," he means it.

Hold on, you're telling me the vaccines that Trump rushed out may not be as effective as we're being told? You mean, Candidate Kamala was right this whole time? But, I keep hearing from people who get COVID after getting the vax that they would have been much worse off had they not gotten the shot, which seems like an unverifiable rationalization to me, but what about that?

Well, is there any data that supports the claim that the vaccines are not as effective at preventing infection and complications?

Keep listening to this guy, I guess?

So Fauci says they found the same level of virus in the vaccinated as the unvaccinated. Listed at 3:29, and you can hear Chris Hayes's audible, "Oh."

Ok, but we know about Fauci. Fool me thirteen times, shame on me.

Any other data out there?

Ok, this is from the US, but we know how incompetent we are. How about some other countries with better health care systems?

So Israel is the most vaccinated country and is now saying you need a THIRD Pfizer dose?


Ok, that's Israel, we know what huge germaphobes Jews can be. Trust me, I've lived with them my whole life and it's always, "Is this ok to eat? How long has this been out?"

Let's check out the UK.

Ok, yeah, but who is this Dr. Malone guy anyway, just some guy on the internet, right?

Not seeing any pronouns in the bio.

Ok, so he invented the mRNA technology that Trump sped through Operation Warp Speed. Big whoop. What does he know anyway? He was deplatformed off of Linkedin for spreading misinformation about something called ADE, antibody dependent enhancements. I guess a big part of why vaccines aren't rushed to the public is because of the chance of them inadvertently increasing the amount of mutations, or "variants," in the parlance of our times.

What could go wrong?

Ok, ok, so the vaccines may not be as effective as we thought, and there's a chance they could cause more harm. Surely, the news media is handling this in a professional and informative manner with the public's best interest in mind, right?

Not hysterical at all.
How dare you assume the panopticon's gender?

I'm sure we can equally count on our corporate benefactors to look out for us, right?

It's easier to sell that this isn't Nazi shit if you stop doing all this Nazi shit.

I'm sure local, state, and federal government mandates will ensure equity of outcome especially in the face of the systemically racist assault of Trump supporting anti-vaxers, right?

Let's segregate the unvaccinated community, alright! Wait... This whole time we thought they were a bunch of redneck racist retards in red states, and we were totally fine with discriminating against them... but now you're saying it's black and brown people who are the mostly unvaccinated ones, and they're the ones who will be most affected by this proposed medical apartheid?

Man, when it was just political, it was so easy to dehumanize the enemy, but now you're saying these people are the very same ones we should be elevating and listening to because of centuries of systemic racism?

We are seeing an increase of "us vs them" thinking in the corporate press, government, and corporations.

The operative word is "for."

There has been active censorship on the internet by private companies with White House guidance over "misinformation" when it's painfully obvious that the so-called guardians of the right information, don't seem to have all their facts straight either. Could there be in any way a conflict of interest?

We really do need FAT-CHECKERS over fact-checkers.

Strangely, there is a lot of good news out there that doesn't seem to be the center of attention.

Take a look at Sweden, the Florida of Europe. They did not have any government mandated masks or lockdowns. From what we were told, they should have a vastly worse outcome than a country that has had responsible mandates like the UK, right?

Hmmm, looks the same. Ok, what about another area where they had vastly different policies?

It's almost as if it doesn't matter what the government does, and the virus is seasonal or something. Kinda like the flu (which only Nazis say).

Meanwhile, it seems somehow, we've eliminated the flu virus from our lives with masked lockdowns, but not COVID. I'm sure there's nothing to investigate here!

It also seems that if you've caught COVID in the past, you are far more resistant to variants than with the vaccine alone, so score one for team human immune system!

Isn't science amazing? What's amazing about it is that's it's constantly being challenged, because that's what it's supposed to do! I remember telling someone that I wasn't vaccinated, and her response was, "I thought you followed the science?"

"That's exactly why I haven't done it," I said.

Most people who say "follow the science" couldn't tell you the steps of the scientific method.

In the end, I can see why there is still hesitation about an experimental vaccine rushed to market by Orange Hitler for a disease that affects mostly old, sick, and fat people, that if you get, have a 99.9% recovery rate, but as of yet have no idea what the percentage of risk is for the vaccine, even though your natural immunity, if you've caught the disease, seems to be much better.

Here's a thread that sums it up nicely-

In the end, I don't care if you want to get the vaccine. You shouldn't care if I get it or not, especially since it looks like you're gonna need a new shot every year, JUST LIKE THE FLU!

Really, think about it. If the vaccines work, then why mandate them and passports? It works doesn't it? If it doesn't work, why mandate them and passports? They don't work, so why keep track?

The important thing here is to stop asking questions and just go along with it. Why would any authority intentionally confuse the population with increasingly absurd and irrational stances, and encourage the public to divide themselves?

Do you wanna be in the in-crowd or be on the outs? Up to you.

We are hurtling toward a new form of 21st century authoritarianism. It isn't fascist or communist, but somehow neither and both with a Big Tech corporate flair. I call it Dot Communism.

In essence, the West seems to really want to be like CCP-controlled China. You mean you can have total control over the population, and be rich at the same time? What suckers we were thinking prosperity was contingent with freedom. Sign me up!

Luckily, our rulers have our best interests at heart, and we can trust that they want nothing but the best for us, the poor, unclean, diseased hoi polloi desperately looking for safety by throwing freedom under the bus.