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This is my podcast. I try to find the funny in very serious topics because laughter is a mental lifeboat in an ocean of chaos.


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Two iconic pieces of video. Bodies falling from the World Trade Center, and bodies falling off a plane taking off from Kabul. What a poetic bookend for the War on Terror.
Segregation 2: Pandemic Boogaloo is here! Watch as the population is divided between the clean and unclean, while the data mounts that the vaccinated are not as safe as they thought, and may actually be driving more variant creation than the unvaccinated! Meanwhile, is it a coincidence that the global banking system was on the brink of collapse in Sept 2019, Event 201 was in October 2019, and then a worldwide shutdown of the global economy because of COVID? I'm sure it's all a big coincidence, and this is all about our health and well-being! Now get in the train, we're going to the gulag!
Man, I am just giving it away. My phone, my face, my feelings, take it all. Yes, I'm the product, but I'll be the best damn product your algorithms have ever seen. Given that, should it matter if I stack KYC Bitcoin? It's all a giant black hole, who cares? Or is that exactly what they want you to think?
In an age of total cynicism, any form of authentic faith is met with suspicion. Is Bitcoin a cult? What does defines a cult over just a group of people with shared goals, perspective, and faith? What if it's cynicism that's a cult, ever think of that smarty pants?
LA County decides to bring back its indoor mask mandate despite state and national guidelines. If it's not science they're following, what is it? Efforts to censor "misinformation" are being unrolled with government and Big Tech collusion, but what is misinformation? There's no such thing. It's a propaganda term designed to remove critical thinking from the individual and coerce conformity by separating people into wrong-thinkers and right-thinkers.
We are living in the age of propaganda, and its insidious effects are everywhere. I talk about listening to my friend's shiftless wife railing against the patriarchy, how women who don't want to get dick-trolled are considered transphobic by Los Angeles Magazine, and how the climate change narrative is a politicized lie. I think this is part of an effort to destabilize society, or at least just me personally.
Joining me this episode is Nichole Davis founder and operator of The Litterbox, the comedy gang I was jumped into at the height of the lockdown, found kindred spirits to turn hysteria into hysterics, and a home in comedy for the first time. We talk about how the Box started and some of its lore interspersed with me rambling about my dad who has been long compromised by a Chinese waitress.
Oh, so now it was a lab leak all along because Jon Stewart said so?
The comedian's journey is one of individual sovereignty. The comedy industry is centralized through gatekeepers who hold all the bookings and purse strings. Fiat comics want to be protected, fawned over, and paid by elites who want to restrict freedom with fake moral superiority disguised as equity. Bitcoin is decentralized and can't be censored, just like the ethos of real comedy. Comedians need Bitcoin, and Bitcoin will fix comedy.
The CCP and Tesla present: The Hungry Man Games, sponsored by Hungry Man.
FUD on the dance floor! Mongorians! The connection between comedy and Bitcoin as a protocol and personified by the plebs.
Peng Dang sacrificed comedy for fame as a victim. The CDC says no masks for the vaccinated, but the shook ones will wear five. Elon Musk takes welfare to launch rockets and mine lithium and FUDs Bitcoin. Plus, the solution to Israel-Palestine!

Check your ego at the door, let the bodies hit the floor.
If we were in a movie, it would be a momcom.
Cannabis's threat to the cultural status quo is just like Bitcoin's, it's no coincidence that the Drug War began just as the fiat system did.
Bitcoin rips away the security blanket our degenerate society encourages, which is the same quality that drew me to cannabis, comedy, and jiu jitsu.
America is the land of the free, and the home of the scared.
Ken Jeong is an Asian minstrel. If making fun of Asian leads to them being attacked, then Ken Jeong is responsible for them all.
Asian women are under attack being blocked from freedom like they’re in the Suez Canal. Bitcoin is their jetpack to sovereignty.
Injecting 1.9T of fiat as stimulus is like giving America a blood transfusion using stage blood. BRRRRR...
The NFT is the Seinfeld of crypto- a coin about nothing. NFT also stands for Now's the Fourth Turning, and I talk about the book, The Fourth Turning. It's a book written in 1997 predicting that the current time period we're in is one of crisis, but has it actually happened yet, or have we kicked the can down too far down the road?
We're gonna spend our way out of this like we always do. Start stacking bitcoin. Get your life raft here.
Books are coming back. I read Dune and compare it to The Matrix. I promise to be funnier next time. Interested in bitcoin?
In search of the next GameStop, I YOLO'd my student loans into Blockbuster stock instead of bitcoin.
Jan 6 was a false flag dog and pony show, some people died and a podium was stolen. The GameStop short squeeze is a genuine pleb uprising. So far, r/wallstreetbets has costs hedge funds $70 billion, hitting the pats where it hurts.
So many holes to fill, if only we could have one hole to rule them all. Is it bitcoin?
While we’re all looking in the same direction, the knockout punch is the one we don’t see.
Socrates said that the wisest thing he could do is admit that he doesn't know anything, but he still drew the line and died for it.
Time is a flat circlejerk, but we can always learn from our past!
We've been at war for 20 years and we still don't even have cool songs about it like we did with 'Nam.
Kyle Rittenhouse is the Tara Reade of Save The Children, there's always exceptions. I was named after Joe Rogan, and I'll take the vaccine even if it gives me AIDS, strictly for my Uighurs.
We're being gaslit by narcissists and hypocrites.
Lip synching is the highest form of comedy now. Stop writing and start synching! Comedy as we knew it is dead, killed by activist comedians who are barely capable of either.
The nanobots steal all your best business ideas and give them to the Googlement. We all know that we'd give to them for free.
With The Great Reset upon us, my main concern is how can I make this impending neofeudalism funny? I'd like to be like Mozart and perform for the new techno-aristocracy, as well as for the massive digital serfdom that will emerge.
Follow the science by ignoring it. LA is shutting down outdoor dining despite a lack of evidence. Mask compliance is religious, and when questioned, triggers anger from cognitive dissonance. People are taking comfort in their fear and are gulping down blue pills like candy.
Reality is fracturing, it's gonna get spicy. The media says there's no evidence as the evidence is presented. Just like Hunter's laptop, the corporate press and social media has a narrative to propagate, while the internet does the work. People danced in the street when they thought Biden won, imagine the polar opposite of that in the pipeline.
Gavin Newsom follows the science and is pure of heart. He just wants to keep us safe in a color coded blanket of executive power.
Reality is fracturing, it's gonna get spicy. The media says there's no evidence as the evidence is presented. Just like Hunter's laptop, the corporate press and social media has a narrative to propagate, while the internet does the work. People danced in the street when they thought Biden won, imagine the polar opposite of that in the pipeline.
It's not about the national, state, or local erections, it's about your own. Sponsored by Blue Chew.
Alex Jones asks who benefits from assaulting Genghis Khan's character.
Borat is about an English Jew who culturally appropriated a proud Central Asian people, descended from Genghis Khan, in order to spread neoliberal propaganda.
Remember Malcolm X’s parable of the wolf vs the fox? How many families were destroyed by the Biden crime bill? Yet, Hunter deserves compassion, and Joe Biden is a good dad. This is the hypocrisy driving people away from the Democrats. I talk about the difference in the Trump vs Biden town halls, and their subsequent rallies. Constitutional originalism means having to pass an amendment to restrict our rights like with Prohibition, and interpreting it means a Drug War without an amendment.
I've been blocked by a scion of the regressive left. I must be doing something right. If Anthony Cumia can conceal carry and not shoot someone physically attacking him, then the Denver news security guy has no claim to lethal self-defense.
I thought COVID was supposed to wipe out all the Boomers?
I thought COVID was supposed to wipe out all the Boomers?
I thought COVID was supposed to wipe out all the Boomers?
Watchmen was pro-cop propaganda created from anti-establishment source material material, just like both political parties!
If white supremacy is in everything, is it in Joe Biden?
We can bring her back. We have the technology.
Dead presidents and living ones are the root of all evil.
Happy 9/11! America is Skynet to Yemen, and for them to strike back they need to start cranking out dank memes about Cuties. Abolish kids in entertainment, stand up to the Commies!
If Jesus was alive now, he would be labeled a racist. 
Musk daddy issues stock split. BUY $TSLA or learn to eat human flesh.
My dad was the first Matrix. Or maybe Plato's cave. Wtf is real anymore, when it's easier to lie and move along?
Cops are so shooty, they'll never stop! We should all be shot as equals with non-lethal bullets!
There are two competing children's stories in the 2020 election.
We deserve a live Presidential debate to release some of this pent up energy or there's gonna be pain.
It's been 100 years since women's suffrage, I hope they're happy. New episode of the Kimcast up now!
Ellen ran the torture program under George W. Bush, and must be brought to justice.
The names on the Comedy Store wall represent a list of sex crimes, tear it down.
`People are leaving LA, and it's for the best. I think my mic's shot, sorry for the audio quality.
Asians are forced into a black-white binary, even though we invented the damn yin yang!
Mitchell is an endangered Albanian Norwegian Classic British Liberal. 
I confess my white supremacy, which has forever poisoned me like fallout from Hiroshima. 
Victor does his best to explains #TheGreatAwakening to a skeptical nihilist.
Our leaders lie, people die, and liberals cry.
Hillary Clinton would rather watch the country burn than concede that she lost.
Eric Abbenante joins me to talk about the state of the union and cats!
If Rob Schneider was a Democrat, he'd be known as the first Asian- American cast member on SNL.
Alan and I are basically middle aged hippies now.
Shaun is watching the media manipulate us before his very eyes.
It's quarfew at the Billionaire Boys Club where Soros tells Gates to hold his beer, so get your black squares ready, you freedom fighter!
Yashar's mustache has maintained it's borders since the time of Xerxes.
Pete doesn't get why he's not doing much worse.
Josh finds inspiration in his disappointment.
Devontae's not bad, he's just born that way.
Trenton dodged bullets as a child both real and metaphorical.
Lila has seen the error of her ways and has embraced truth.
Monarey is the most even-keeled survivor of brutal assault you will ever meet.
Victor loves Texas, but can't wait to get back to LA.
Elizabeth has been training for this moment her whole life.
In the near future, Nick could be buying and holding your heart. We talk stocks, oil, and more!
Marcus believes booing would keep comedy honest.
Steven is an essential worker transitioning to a shaman.
Chip took enough Tae Kwon Do to get what it's like to have an Asian dad.
Mia Mars joins me to talk about her time in the psych ward and why you should try it out.
Brought to you by the letter M
OC = Outbreak of Coronavirus?
Biden, you monster, Tara Reid was Bunny Lebowski!
Once you suck at one thing, you can suck at all things.
If you don't think a Korean woman can be a tyrant, you've never dated one.
We want the world and we want it now.
Clapping helps neither comedy nor essential workers.
It's 4/20, which is also Hitler's birthday! Light one up!
Caught up with da boyz in NYC.
Twenty years in and we still don't get that it's the 21st century.
If not voting for Biden is a vote for Trump, then not voting for Trump is a vote for Biden... looks like I'm covered.
Caleb and I talk about what NYC is like during coronavirus, and his trip to Japan in January, where THEY ALL KNEW THIS WAS COMING. Caleb has seen the benefits of being more Asian.
Trump talks a big game, but Biden is out here grabbing actual pussies.
Gal Gadot was in the IDF, which stands for ironic disappointing fact. This episode was brought to you by FIGS, which is for figs. I think I might have lost them as a sponsor. I talk about the Gal Gadot - Britney Spears continuum of celebrity survival strategies, how our entire society is a failure on every level including me, the Weimar Republic as told by an idiot, and social media as collective narcissism.
yo we gotta shred this wave of globalization gnar gnar and diversify the supply chain brah
Instead of joining TikTok, it's better I talk about a bunch of things I don't understand. 
If masks don't work, why do they need them so badly?
I'm going down on this virus to get to the bottom of it.
If you had to choose between working with Trump and saving humanity, how many of you would watch the world burn?
Conspiracies, I got 'em. You looking? I got all the hot ones.
If you can't separate the Chinese gov't from its people, maybe you're the racist?
I get why it's wrong to call it a "Chinese virus, but can we call it the STOP EATING BATS virus? Maybe if we start eating pandas, they'll stop.
Remember when we thought impeachment was historic? I talk about some of the data I've been seeing, what strategies seem to work, and what will most likely go down in the US as coronavirus is the only thing left on tour.
Gotta take my mind off the coronavirus, good thing the NBA is... oh, goddamit!
It's Bernie vs. Biden, and the meme war hasn't even started.
...with the colors of the wind. Elizabeth Warren would have made a great first Native American President.
Coronavirus? Super Tuesday? Wake up sheeple! Get out in the woods like I did for the San Gabriel Mountains Bighorn Sheep Survey!
Please don't vote for Bernie, beg the greatest minds of our generation. 
Democracy? Debate? The people demand blood. 
People afraid of Asians for coronavirus are themselves infected with the virus of racism. *COUGH*
Twitter is real now in the post-Trump era. I'm on the front lines defending things that get nothing out of my support like South Park, who some writer who said it was "impossible to overstate" it's "cultural damage." Yes, more than war and the financial crash, South Park.
Parasite has dominated the Oscars and Koreans are proudly reminding everyone that they are not Chinese.
Are you shaking at the fascist takeover of our country? Are you quenching your lulz with lib tears? Don't worry, our political system is a Bill Hicks bit.
The Super Bowl halftime show should've been the Aaron Hernandez documentary.
Gwyneth Paltrow is the PT Barnum of white women.
Nothing is sacred in comedy, but you also gotta learn to read the room.
It's a testament to humanity that we are our own greatest threat to survival. Take that, nature!
This MLK day, let us be thankful for diversity in entertainment.
Did the Greatest Generation have Baby Yoda?
this is the year it all changes
You can't be arrested for being homeless because proles and animals are free! 
STAR WARS SPOILER- Kylo Ren uncovers our torture program. The Golden Globes mean nothing.
Here we are now. Are we not entertained?
Your Trump supporting uncle is more important than whatever it is you're arguing over.
it me!
so tired of all the epstein memes, why can't we all just talk about disney+? 
For racists, Disney+ is a dream come true. It doesn’t whitewash it’s past in order to bend the knee to pearl-clutchers, no, it says, “See me as I am.” I respect that. People often ask me - how can you defend racism? Well, I’ll tell you on this episode! I get that people have feelings, but should protecting them come at the cost of the truth?
I did not run a homeless person over in the middle of the night. 
Los Angeles was once Mexico. Now it's a shining city sitting atop a tent metropolis of meth and misery! California is on fire! But what's most important is, are superhero movies cinema?!?!? 
I explain why I have no Asian friends.
War! Huh! What is it good for? Maintaining hegemony and an economy based on perpetual war and fossil fuels and neither party cares!
Spoiler-free review of Joker! And Midsommar! And Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Not really. Martin Scorcese would say that this podcast, just like comic book movies, are not cinema, and I would agree no matter how much Kevin Smith cries. The winner of the Golden Lion shoulda been Scorcese for Taxi Driver and King of Comedy.
FAKE NEWS. That's what this podcast is. I talk about comedy in an aborted fashion. I make suggestions for microdosing that are mostly accurate. NOTE: is closed. I can't vouch for Chem Theory, but I'll check them out one day and let you know. But the Fadiman, crypto stuff is still legit. 5ug of ALD-52 following the Fadiman protocol has done me good, but you may have side effects like interdimensional travel.
I’ve been stuck in a poverty cycle and trying to get jobs. Random jobs in an attempt to work remotely and with weed. Let’s talk about the media landscape! That’s gotta be boring as shit for some, but maybe interesting fo others! Andrew Yang taught me about gookies via Cumtown, which led to the birth of the Gookie Monster. Greta Thunberg is getting attacked, but aren’t we hurting the kids enough already? Is there hope for change or are we all going into the climate gulag once the revolution begins?
This podcast is for Asian Americans. All others are welcome, but please check you privilege at the door, much like you would your shoes entering an Asian household. I decided to do this in light of the Shane Gillis/SNL cringe fest over the weekend, and talk about self-esteem vs group identity, as well as why “journalism” has told us nothing about Bowen Yang and Chloe Fineman.
Brinan Weeks (@brinanweeks) joins me this episode and we talk about his experience becoming bicoastal for two separate women, getting educated on education, his show biz dad, and more!
This episode of the Kimcast I have on filmmaker, Nicole Brending, who is the brilliant mind behind the film, Dollhouse: The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American Popular Culture, a hilarious satire of popular culture and how women are simultaneously objectified and eradicated by a ravenous sociopathic public. If you loved Team America, this is right up your alley, unless you hate chicks, or something.
Comedian and director, Bronston Jones (@bronstonjones) joins me this episode to talk about film, comedy and life. He’s been hosting a comedy show at the Venice Underground every week on Wed nights for the past eight years. Check out his show and his podcast, I YAM WHAT I YAM.
Ben Herwitz (@ben_herwitz) has assured me that he is Jewish, so everything he says in the podcast is Kosher.
We start off with a special guest lecture from Dr. Rogin B Peterson, who is best known for the controversial stance on nonbinary lobsters. Then isn’t regular ol’ Rogin talking about regular Rogin things as we do. Mostly, it seems he is wrestling with the ghosts of adolescence in the form of old acquaintances who approach him for advice and then turn on him using politics.
Mitchell Lamar (@imitchelllamar) joins me this episode to talk about his role as a guide to the spirit realm while inadvertently revealing top secret Air Force secrets that the Russians could use against you just like your FaceApp data. The integrity of his soul is put to the test by the Devil, and many truths revealed.
The white man needs a hug, and Ron Bush has been hugging them until they beg for more on the road for the better part of a decade. But he’s only one man, we all need to pitch in. We have a great talk starting off with Ancient Aliens and then discussing the thing middle-aged men always do- what’s wrong with the country
A spiritually empty material existence plagues some of us, and we're the lucky ones! Just imagine being just about anywhere else! I try to shamelessly talk about the most trending topics at the moment in hope of bots finding my feed and giving the numbers a bumpski.
Everything on social media is a secret ad running on an algorithm designed to social engineer you into the perfect consumer. No big deal, right? The old saying is true, “if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.” Rob(@robthemutant) is the founder and CEO of Mutant Capitalist, a B2B digital marketing and B2B sales agency, who hired me a couple of years ago to make videos for weed gear. Since then, we’ve become friends and have had fun conversations like the one on this Kimcast.
Kristen Lundberg (@mammiespanx) joins me on this episode of the cast (along with Chris Cope @chriscopecomedy hanging in the back of the car)! Kristen is a comedian, violinist, ice sculptor, digital artist… a total polymath! We talk about growing up in Ohio, her time doing comedy in CIncinnati and Chicago, a spirited discussion about the rate of water freezing, but overall what comes through is Kristen’s passion for entertaining people and her intentions of being a positive role model for young people.
Happy Pride! Joining me this episode is Mia Mars (@miafuckingmars). Neither of us are gay, but we are weirdos! Mia and I have a chat about our shared Jewish and Asian heritage, her family history, serial killers, and growing up in LA!
Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! How's your mental health? How do you deal with intrusive thoughts that urge you to listen to right wing guests on podcasts just out of curiosity, like Milo Yiannopoulos on the Legion of Skanks, but no! You can't! It's forbidden! Imagine what they'll say- "Not a good look." That's worse than death, to not look good. It's quite a strain on the psyche, and in the end you should really look out for #1- the USA.
Life is sacred, but death makes all the cash! The right to an abortion is being challenged all over the country, while we provide no health care and rain fire down upon the heads of babies overseas. We are the rootin-tootin, shootin, nukin, bad mofo of the world and we are saying don’t let that baby dies in the womb, let it die in the classroom. None of it makes any sense, unless it’s part of the divide an conquer strategy that pits men against women, Bloods against Crips.
Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage And Mental Health Awareness Month. May brings us a nice mish-mash of two groups that sorely need attention- Asians and the mentally ill. It’s a pretty tight Venn diagram between the two, speaking from personal experience. Also, LET’S HEAR IT FOR DENVER!!!!! They are the first US city to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms and this could be the beginnings of a shift toward the psychedelic society.
Comedian Arthur Hamilton joins me to talk about his upcoming special at the Skiptown Playhouse and growing up in Pacoima, CA. Of course, I interject historical context to black and Asian relations and the residential segregation of Los Angeles. We have a great talk about some of our early comedy experiences and Arthur tells me about how he was a banker in Arizona until he was caught with weed.
There are more Democratic candidates than there are Avengers and beloved characters at Winterfell combined. So much is going on, but it’s hard to see what’s real and what’s fake anymore, especially when we’re in such a position of privilege to not worry about survival. Of course, we are all just one medical bill away from financial ruin in America, which makes it the best reality show of all- walking the tightrope between the haves and have-nothings.
Steven Belkowski is, a comic I met in the open mic scene in LA who is a traveler both physically and psychedelically. We talked about his experience as a military brat growing up in Indonesia as a right wing Catholic lad, similar to the Covington kids! He would have definitely rocked the MAGA hat to town some libs back in his day. However, moving to Virginia changed all that and once he saw how people struggled his heart began to grow like the Grinch, and he turned to the psychedelic realm to open his mind.
LA is a vampire. Plain and simple. It sucks the water from it’s neighbors in order to sustain a manufactured metropolis in the desert. And I’m ALL IN, BABY!!! This week I am taking a stand for the children, especially child actors. They are the broken by-product of a billion dollar system that seems to exist purely for entertainment at best and an institutionalized safe-haven for pedophiles. The only thing is, it’s never going to happen.
My guest this episode is comedian Niles Abston, who has an animated project he’s working on called, Planet Blak, a stoner sci-fi comedy about a young black man who’s been recruited to sell weed for aliens. We discussed how he was inspired by the harsh drug laws of his home state of Mississippi and then we have a great conversation about the War on Drugs, America’s history of war in Asia, Black and Korean relations, and how most of us are our here just struggling to survive.
The Mueller report was dropped and, boy, is it a bombshell! What a failure of the news media to go after things that matter like the survival of the human race, and instead make such a huge deal about Russian collusion and then have nothing to show for it. The media has been failing us consistently since WMDs after 9/11 and continues to do so. You mean the folks that had a 99% degree of certainty that Hillary Clinton would win, got something wrong, yet again?
I was in NY for a hot minute and had time to visit my pal Caleb where we have one of our regular chats about everything. Check out Caleb’s podcasts- We’re Going To Hell and The Caleb Barge Podcast.
It's Women's History Month! I hope March is enough to make up for everything that's happened.
We're all just trying to keep it together until we die. 
You ever get a text and see it’s not an iMessage and get anxiety? Why can’t these dirty poor Android users get an iPhone and be different just like me?
There's so much going on in the world, but none of it matters as much as Game of Thrones.
I was on a bit of a hiatus, had to get a job on top of being lazy, lots of noise in the world, marketing speak, George Carlin, rebrand, cricket, wickets, cricket bat, office jobs suck, MMMMcast, marketing speak, euphemisms, America is still great at marketing, change my name, Joe Rogan, Seth Rogen, mental health, propaganda's effect on mental health, XXXtentacion, blue texts matter, child slaves making our phones, tales from late capitalism, Kill Tony #315
This is a lost episode I salvaged from the depths. These kids are dying to make our phones!
Quitting social media is easy, I've done it ten times already.
It's about time the .001% of 60% of the world's population was represented on the big screen.
We live like ancient kings... I clean my bong with pink salt from the Himalayas.
Working in an office is a drag, man. I bet Trump hates having to go to work everyday in the White House, where he has to pretend to know how to read all day, it's gotta be exhausting.
I debate a name change for the podcast, avoid the Bourdain and Spade suicides amidst a cacophony of squawking of media, politics, children get the worst of it, kids acting like adults are creepy, protected period of innocence, infant mortality at 50%, i don't have anyone to pull it out, happy i remembered, turning 40 50% of the way there, dealing with 0-20, senior citizen babies, openly cruel, the mask has come off, good/evil duality, grasping at narratives to make sense of reality, have i been so high that i know what i know what i'm talking about?, telling stories around the fire, caveman times, shadows on the wall, human evolution, hominid evolution, timescale, genetic bottleneck, hitchhiker's guide, microdosing, helping with cyclical depression, 40 is the steak eating moment in the matrix, xxxtentacion, when i was 19-20, push them east, riots, rooftop koreans, guys getting raped is still funny, will i die on that hill, no but i'll get raped on it, chemical merry-go-around, what did trump do, the border and the kids, white people calling cops on black people for existing, public shaming in restaurants, republicans eat a surprising amount of mexican food (and DNA), gambling on sadism, borders are just where armies got tired, i asked my elders about what they think of north korea and some of them say it's good and the others say it's commie propaganda, peace in our time or we'll all die from nuclear annihilation!
It's Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month? What does that mean? Where is Asia, who is Asia, WHY IS ASIA?!?! ...and will they ever stop fighting? Are we in the midst of Korean Reunification? Will it be as easy as Thanos Snappening his fingers and making half the Koreans disappear (hopefully, the bad half amitrite?)? Is this entire description going to be in questions? I could see that happening, but could the whole podcast be in the form of a question? There's only one way to find out?
We're doing it live! Despite some imaginary sound issues, I powered through to rant about doing comedy in the Valley, neo-feudalism, archery as revenge against birds, and how I'M TIRED OF CURRENT EVENTS, but who am I to stop the tide pods of history?
More Gulag Archipelago to kick us off into a brief aside about Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman, who you may not need me to remind you of, but let us consider the lobster, possibly for a bit too long. Then it's time to move onto the use of Asians as a sweet visual gag... I'm one to talk, I'm like a walking visual gag. And finally I top it off with an observation on the recentness of clean water and how everyone that ever lived in history before then was drunk.