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277 Counter-top Korean

277 Counter-top Korean

You may have seen the video below making the rounds.

Clearly, this young man is erupting from years of repressed rage at his father for making him work in the family store. The assailant who jumped the counter represented the other kids in school who got to go to parties and chase pussy while Tiger Dad made Johnny here put in hours at the vape shop while studying for the SATs. Johnny acted out his frustrations of being called a gook nerd, while Chad banged all the girls who showed any interest in him. Thankfully, in the end everybody was ok.

The rise in crime has given people licence to las out with vigilante justice. Much like the Bernie Goetz story, the general mood is one of Dirty Harry, as the world's metropolises have descended into Gotham City level degeneracy. No matter how bad it is in America, we can always look to Brazil to pave the way in making real life increasingly more like Grand Theft Auto.

Read the comments of this and the other tweets in this post to get a glimpse of the schism in our society. There is a bifurcation of reality evident in the comments, one side with the criminals, the other with the vigilantes. This only confirms the general belief that we are in two irreconcilable realities and that a resolution is necessary, unfortunately one that seems inevitably violent, which is why you should let your kids have a social life, so that they can learn to resolve their conflicts without being stabby.